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Winter Afternoon 
Sunday, 25th January 2004 06:54 pm

The icicles were spectacular.

The dam was frozen over in places and had been dredged by a giant crane that smashed the ice and pulled out tree branches and big plates of ice.

Great Falls ornamented with ice and snow.

Half of this waterfall is flowing; the other half is a bubbly block of ice.

There were fangs of ice overhanging most of the narrower channels of the falls, and piles of snow in places left over from the night before last.

The non-migratory ducks did not appear to mind the weather, as they were busily eating something off the bottom of the part of the canal that had not frozen and we saw more of their butts than their heads, which amused the boys to no end.

We walked across the C&O Canal from the towpath, something I have never done in all the years I have lived in Potomac. People were playing hockey. The ice appeared to be at least six inches thick but was probably more for the park to have roped off sections for public skating, something that I gather only happens when the temperature has been in the 20s for several consecutive days.

My in-laws were supposed to come down, pick the kids up and take them back with them for the night (there's no school tomorrow, some teacher's meeting), but due to the threat of snow, we postponed that. So from Great Falls, we went to the co-op in search of Tunisian almonds and bulk Chinese snack mix, then to two different stores looking for a DVD that my younger son wanted to buy with the remainder of his Chanukah money, which neither one had. T'was a relatively peaceful afternoon.

PSA for mrkinch! *thwaps you with pillow* Let me assure you that even having 250 people on your Flist does not make you feel like you really have friends on a bad day. It does not, however, mean that you don't have them.
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