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Aragorn and Boromir have gotten a divorce and now live in separate cages.

The vet at the pet store was adamant that we should not try to put them in permanently together again -- that they might get along for awhile but Boromir might attack Aragorn again. Aragorn is acting rather strange and passive still, and I'm wondering if I should take him to be examined by a vet because I think it's possible Boromir attacked him because there's something wrong, though it's also possible that he's acting like there's something wrong because Boromir attacked him and now he lives alone and doesn't get to sleep in a big happy gerbil pile.

At least Jack and Stephen are both scampering around the deck scrounging bird seed. Also, I'm at the point in Post Captain where I would give absolutely anything to be Diana but I don't understand why she doesn't simply invite them both over at the same time and get everyone naked on one of her tiger throws. Stephen is more devoted to Jack than he is to her anyway, and Jack would get over his silly plan to be properly married under ten minutes of the right sort of pressure. < /Mary Sue fantasy >

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