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We're home. Easy drive through PA and MD, still a lot of snow on the fields. Am on page 378 of Post Captain and would be very, very upset at the state of Jack and Stephen's relationship if I did not know that there were 18 more books, which I am taking as a sign that all ends well. *g*

Here are a few more trip pictures. We had chocolate fondue last night for my father in law's birthday, which was very good and extremely messy. It was another clear cold day and the kids spent the morning helping Grandpa set up his model trains in the half of the garage specifically alloted for that purpose. We never hiked at the battlefields but I did listen to Mary Fahl's "Going Home" from Gods and Generals as we drove by them -- does that count as celebrating Lincoln's birthday?

Bears racing at Boyds Bear Country.

There was a bluegrass band in the central open area of the barn.

And because it is in Gettysburg, there are Civil War displays.

Last night's sunset through the window of the dining room.

Maximus sees his shadow. Six more weeks!

Empire Online has a pic of Paul Bettany on the red carpet at the BAFTAs. Third row, second picture. (There are also pics of Peter Jackson, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, et al.)

And GIP, above, because bronzelionel is evil a lovely person.

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