The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

The Vultures Fly High

And the light was amazing over Great Falls.

The river was high, though nowhere near flood levels, and the bridges to Olmsted Island were open, so we walked across. It was very windy, and the nine or ten vultures were hovering in the air, sometimes beating against it and sometimes making great low circles over and around the water (the birds do not care whether they're on the Maryland or Virginia side of the park). I wondered whether there was something dead nearby, as we've never seen this many at once, but maybe they were just enjoying the warmer weather.


ETA: Thanks to peregrine_ek for PSPing some of these for clarity and brightness!

We went to the Co-op to buy health food, to CVS to take care of necessities, then came home and ate wonderful chicken sausage with pine nuts. And I had too many sesame sticks.

mandc100: "Communication". Still for the cannon challenge. It's not that I'm competitive, exactly; it's that when there's a challenge for quantity, I make myself write down every passable idea that comes into my head. Which is kind of a good exercise, if time-consuming.

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