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Week Slipping By

Woke up at a reasonable hour even though I had no kids at home this morning because a small gray cat was mewling pathetically outside my bedroom door; apparently the knowledge that I was in there and no one else was in the house was too much for her. Ended up doing a reasonable amount of work, some housework (laundry folded to a Dawson's Creek episode I'd never seen before -- second season, all-night study session, apparently the episode where Andie found out about Pacey and Tamara...I am very spotty on the second season. And wow, Jen had gratuitous sex. I don't remember knowing that had happened. Now I'm really curious what the original soundtrack was, must go look it up on Dawson's Creek Music.

Why does it always take so long to get back into a regular sleep rhythm after springing forward? Okay, eating as much as I have this week undoubtedly has not helped. We met my in-laws in Germantown this evening to retrieve our children from them and ate at a very good Middle Eastern restaurant, with very garlicky hummus and wonderful kabobs and mango juice. We also had to stop at the drugstore and they had Cadbury creme eggs, and last year at this time I was eating one of those from a machine in a London tube know, this is undoubtedly a big reason I've been in a cranky mood all of spring break. A year and a half is still a long time to wait to go back.

Probably everyone already saw and squeed that Jason Isaacs will appear on The West Wing but I just had to squee again. And one more squee over Russell Crowe, because Fox put together this wonderful web site to promote the M&C DVD release on April 20th here, and it has some wallpapers that the film's official site didn't have, plus a lot more video clips than I've seen online elsewhere.

Gacked from a couple of people, kept because I'm amused:

Which "Pirates of the Carribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" quote best suits you? by Aurian_Fry
You are:Weddings? I love weddings! Drinks all round. - Captain Jack Sparrow
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I should not be this tired at 11:15.

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