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Saturday Night Spammer

Had uneventful day. Took son to soccer at nearby elementary school on gorgeous afternoon, sat under the trees chatting with other soccer parents, read the beginning of Desolation Island. Came home, took walk in neighborhood to look at spring color, snapped some photos. Played with kids. Ate dinner. <cryptic>Wrote Russell Crowe birthday smut since it's Sean Bean's birthday.</cryptic> Went through Sunday ads looking to see who has the Master and Commander special edition DVD advertised least expensively so I can go buy it first thing Tuesday morning. Made some dorky discoveries, behind cut.

For eleven months out of the year, this tree drops red berries all over our stairs and what passes for our front porch. It's a major, messy pain.

For about ten days in April, however, it is a gorgeous, riotous collection of pink blossoms like these that makes it all worthwhile.

Ever noticed how, up close, flowers look like either rare butterflies or insects from another planet, if they're not the Georgia O'Keeffe genitalia sort?

Remember Stephen? Here he is lounging on the deck. I'm not sure where Jack was at the time; he spent most of the day in the front yard glowering at the bees on the bushes and trying to dig things up from our neighbor's garden.

My cats are demons. Here they are looking hopefully toward the kitchen to see whether anyone is putting food in their dishes.

This is from tomorrow's Parade magazine, distributed in The Washington Post and numerous other U.S. newspapers -- Viggo and TJ.

And also from Parade, page two, Walter Scott's Personality Parade (click, there's another picture), Russell knitting rumors debunked! *wail*

And while I'm doing Russell *swoons at idea of doing Russell* I figured I'd scan this from the April 23, 2004 Entertainment Weekly, a comparison of two Russellicious movies.

Swipe and repost the articles if you want, but don't hotlink, please.

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