The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Straight Flush

Two gaskets and one spacer later, because the fucktards who installed the floor tiles did it wrong in the first place, here is our lovely new commode. The cats have already tried to drink out of it.

Think you're jealous of the big pink-flowering tree in front of my house? This is what it does to the sidewalk around it...and here, the petals are hiding the thousands of berries that fall all year round. In the foreground is a red azalea about to burst forth.

Hebrew school art
by my children.
A hamsa house protection amulet
that hangs in the living room.

A shelf on top of a bookcase with dragons, wizards and cats.

A shelf on another bookcase with foo dogs, tomtens, trolls, Zuni fetishes, a defuncto, a gargoyle, a giant dreidel and various other collectibles.

A Jewitch bookshelf.

Guan-Yin shrine
and a stone egg.
A giant metal spiderweb
and a real cobweb.

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