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Sunday Picspam

My head is fuzzy but it is not in pain and I am not nauseous, so today must be considered a much better day than yesterday by any measure. Also, we took my in-laws to Great Falls National Park, probably my favorite place in the entire D.C. area, and it was mid-60s and perfectly gorgeous. We saw

a Civil War camp reenactment at Great Falls, Maryland (hence the Union side) and

great blue herons fishing in the Potomac River (at one time we could see six in the same area, mid-falls between Maryland and Virginia) and

pollen coating the stagnant water of one of the pools left over from the rain.

The azaleas in front of our house are glorious red, pink and white and there are all sorts of nifty white and purple flowers that I can't identify on the trees by the river, which explains why my eyes itch so much. Also, the storms last week apparently knocked a lot of dead wood down, and there was a big natural dam that had the river completely cut off beneath one of the footbridges.

Downed trees and branches have hit the bridge and stopped the river at this point in the falls...

...thus cutting off one of the tributaries (see how on the left, you can see the engineering to carry the water beneath the bridge, whereas on the right, you can see white water?).

Here's the dammed part and the undammed part from a greater distance.

And here's the view of the bridge below the dam -- an impossible sight most of the time as this is all covered with rapids.

More wildlife tomorrow perhaps. Today, one more Civil War reenactment picture, with a goose and the C&O Canal barge in the background.

Here, of course, is where I should have been today -- the March for Women's Lives. But given my high level of claustrophobia even without being post-migraine, I chickened out on dealing with public transportation and sent money to the sponsor organizations instead.

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