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Just watched the HBO first-look infomercial for Troy (it's on again on HBO2e at 10 tonight, and on most of the HBO HDTV and regional cable channels at 12:30 on Sunday and 2:30 on Tuesday). Some of the film dialogue sounds mediocre, but the design of the film and the cinematography and the actors...omfgSQUEE.

Bana sounds smarter than Pitt, which isn't a surprise, but considering that Pitt is playing a guy known more for muscle than brains he actually seems quite suited for the role. And Bloom really impressed me in the interviews...I wish he would stop doing that, I am far more comfortable when I can scoff and write him off as Too Damn Young. He was adamant that this is at the core a love story, whereas Brian Cox was adamant that this is the story of Agamemnon finding an excuse to take over the region, while O'Toole was adamant that it was about the reasons rulers go to war...interesting character perspectives, and everyone sounded like they had done their reading.

There is pathetically little Sean Bean in the feature and he's always in the background -- the bulk of the interviews are with Bana and Pitt, plus O'Toole, Cox and Petersen -- but omguh he looks fine. Somehow none of the stills have really done justice to how these guys look moving in those costumes and with that fight choreography. And when Bloom asks Bana, "Do you love me, brother?" ...okay, you all know where this is going.

ETA: This week's Entertainment Weekly Troy cover story oh squeeeeee...

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