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Strawberry Wine

I know you were all hoping to see groundhog photos, but Maximus is in hiding -- apparently he does not like the heat and will not be out until evening, along with the bunnies. However, we did go to the farmer's market and then to pick strawberries on this gorgeous mid-seventies day without a cloud in the sky.

Buttercup Farm strawberries.

In weather like this, with almost no bees, who can resist? We are not having shortcake till tomorrow however because...

...they also have a market with preserves and homemade pies, one of which we will be having for dessert.

Oh, and flowers and herbs.

But we bought most of our food at the Hanover Farm Market, where dozens of local merchants set up stalls with fruit, vegetables, candies, jams, baked goods and country crafts.

Here is one of the chickadees that build nests between the bricks in the permanent barn buildings.

Tonight my in-laws have offered to entertain the boys so we may be going to see Troy. It all depends on how quickly dinner gets organized and various other factors. But we must go out alone at some point this evening, as our younger son has lost a tooth and we need to make a Tooth Fairy run!

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