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The Saxons Are Coming

King Arthur bears even less resemblance to the myths I know of involving a character of that name than Troy bears to The Iliad. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it very much -- probably more than I enjoyed Troy, though I am frankly astounded at the level of violence that has apparently become permissible in PG-13 movies; I would have been happy to have my kids watch more of the sex onscreen in exchange for less blood. Guinevere, Warrior Princess is a wonderful addition to the various versions of that character that exist in myth and fiction, and I like both Clive Owen's earnest, idealistic Arthur and Ioan Gruffudd (guhhhornblower)'s brooding, loyal Lancelot. (I would also happily shag nasty Saxon Stellan Skarsgård, and perkypaduan, I see what you meen about Gawain -- he sort of reminds me of young Russell Crowe.)

But Keira was the highlight of the movie for me. Right now Princess of Thieves is on and we are watching it. It's hard to believe that she's so young; either she's very well trained or instinctually just very good at what she does. I can't buy into all the concern that Bruckheimer changed "the story"; which story? This one bears little resemblance to Geoffrey of Monmouth, Chretien de Troyes or Marion Zimmer Bradley and I can only roll my eyes when Celtic scholars come up with the next "authentic" version of the Arthurian legend (considering that they all end up competing, I don't much worry about my inability to read the original languages in evaluating them). I'm all for a plurality of Arthurian interpretations and this one certainly isn't damaging anyone's legend unless your entire interest is in the supposed love triangle, the supposed Druid matriarchy or the supposed quest for the Grail, all of which are absent from this version. (The supposed manly warrior bonds are very much in evidence.)

Since I have no exciting nature pictures from the day to post, some more domestic animals.

Cinnamon defeating the entire family at Pokemon Master Trainer.

Rosie lounging in the sun.

Jack (on top of the bird feeder), Stephen (about to jump off the deck to lower left), and a little red finch.

See, here's Jack closer up...

...and Stephen studying the quizzical bird, who is waiting for Jack to move so he can get to the bird feeder.

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