The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Saturday Night Picspam

Potomac valley from Sugarloaf Mountain.

The brown leaves are from cicada damage. You can still see their holes in the ground all over the paths.

A great many daddy longlegs beneath a fallen tree. There is still much evidence that Hurricane Isabel roared through.

Trees in love. (ashinae, which wizards am I naming them after?)

And the myth of the squirrel-proof bird feeder, part eleven. Ours has one of those doors that swings shut when a squirrel pulls down on it (unless the squirrel is clever enough to get at it from above) and a round top that in theory a squirrel will slide off (but a clever squirrel holds on to the hook that attaches the bird feeder to the deck)...

Today Jack was very naughty -- he was swinging on the wind chimes trying to fly onto the bird feeder!

Stephen watched, knowing full well that if Jack succeeded, he'd get to eat the seeds that scattered out.

Jack, however, scared himself banging the chimes together and leapt loudly to the deck. But ten minutes later, he was trying again.

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