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This moth is easily five inches across with its wings spread; I've never seen the like before. Does anyone know what kind it is?

It doesn't have big red eyes when you look at it, by the way; that's what the flash did to it.

It made quite a racket for half an hour, bumping into the window, then clung to the bricks for awhile, and then disappeared. I wonder how long their lifespans are.

And sorry about the blur but I was shooting through a glass door with light reflecting in the pane (which is why the moth was there in the first place).

It's been a really long day, though not much has happened since I last posted...I did some work, tried to keep my son entertained (he had a friend over for a couple of hours in the afternoon before his violin lesson), made soup, reorganized my bookshelves and put all my Star Trek comic books away in boxes. Am not going to admit that this is so I have room for the Hornblower books when I get them. I have, like, ten packages that have to go to the post office for mailing overseas, and I still have not managed to drag myself there and deal with the lines.

And my house is still a total disaster. And I know I owe a billion comments -- tomorrow, hopefully, sorry I suck. And photos of Barbie and Ken as Galadriel and Legolas, with links to the Barbie dealer from whom I have had them on order for months before I'd seen them!

Barbie as Galadriel
Ken as Legolas

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