The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
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Star Trek Fan Help!

I'm interviewing John De Lancie in two hours -- a rather unexpected treat, they have him promoting the upcoming Q DVD set. But I can't think of a single question to ask him that either 1) he hasn't been asked a thousand times or 2) isn't something I should probably stay away from ("So how come Q flirted more with Picard than Janeway?") He can be kind of snappish with people who are boring him with questions -- I've heard him at conventions.

Anyone got any brilliant and unusual questions for him, preferably that can somehow be linked to Star Trek or science fiction, even if they're about his work as a conductor or his involvement with charity stuff?

ETA: Thanks! I had only 15 minutes with him (he is doing eight of these in two hours, poor man) but I did ask the appearing-to-Picard-as-a-woman question ("Well, I did get in bed with him!") and he volunteered that he almost didn't get to do Voyager because Braga et al thought the most likely plot was that Janeway would offer him her body to get them home, to which De Lancie said the answer would have been, "!!!"

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