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Scott Bakula and Me

I'm going to write an article for TrekToday, so these are really short-form recollections on Bakula at the National Press Club:

He strongly supports our troops but opposes the war in Iraq. He said he's been having trouble figuring out what to say to his own kids when they express surprise at some of the nasty things people put on signs and bumper stickers about President Bush. He thinks it's insane to be spending so much money on this war when we need to clean up the environment, get back into space and so many other priorities.

He thinks that we must acknowledge that we are one world family, just like on Star Trek, and what's going on in China is relevant here and vice versa. He is disturbed by the emphasis on celebrity in American culture and that we're not honoring teachers, firemen, etc. He would prefer that his own kids contribute by doing something rather than being famous.

He acknowledges that television programming is money-driven; reality TV exists to sell ads. He said that Les Moonves must be a genius at the advertising end and declined to go into detail about why Moonves wouldn't keep Enterprise on the air. He added that Sumner Redstone had issued an edict that Viacom must get rid of every division not making a profit, so Redstone shut down things like the historic costume department on the Paramount lot over money and now Paramount shows have to borrow props and costumes from Universal.

Asked which Star Trek captain he most wanted to be like, he joked that Kirk tried to be like him -- someone had sent him a postcard from the UK saying that Archer was Captain Kirk's childhood hero, which he liked. He also joked that it's a pity Shatner hasn't worked since Star Trek and said that he too is available for internet company ads. But when he got the part, he was worried about letting millions of fans down while trying to do his own thing.

All in all, I was very impressed by him. And he sang a little from Shenandoah at the end on request, too!

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