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All in all, I have to say I'm pretty happy despite the insanity of "defense of marriage" (frankly I would have no problem with an amendment saying marriage is none of the government's damn business, Mormons can practice polygamy if they want and all tax breaks should be determined based on number of dependents, both underage and elderly, rather than the marital state of the persons filing). The abortion ban failed, though I'm still not moving to South Dakota any time soon, nor Missouri; Arizona was never high on the list but I'm impressed with the majority voters. Ken Blackwell lost Ohio, Jim Doyle kept Wisconsin despite the anti-gay marriage initiative to mobilize conservative voters. Santorum is gone, though his name will long survive him thanks to Dan Savage, hahahaha. And Pelosi will be Speaker!

In Maryland it looks like Cardin beat Steele in the Senate race and O'Malley beat the incumbent Ehrlich in the gubernatorial race; I actually cared much more about the Senate since Ehrlich is merely an egotistical idiot, not a right-wing ideologue, but I am thrilled to have him out of there. Plus my congressman, Chris Van Hollen (D), of whom I am a big fan because the people on his staff who answer letters from constituents actually appear to have read them and know the issues, was reelected by a margin of over 70 percent. The one Republican for whom I voted -- Jean Cryor, for Annapolis' House of Delegates from my district, a longtime incumbent and terrific advocate for the public schools (she's pro-choice and was the sole Republican to vote with the Democrats on gay marriage) -- is only barely hanging on to her seat and when all the votes are in, she may lose it, but I can live with that. Still don't really like Webb in Virginia but am really, really hoping he pulls it out in the recount.

The Democrats desperately need someone who can win the top office. I don't even know what to hope for at this point; I think we still live in a nation that is racist and sexist enough that I don't know whether Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is a real possibility. I want to believe the best but I don't have that much confidence even in some of my own relatives. If Warner won't run, who are we left with...Kerry, who still sends me weekly mailings? Edwards, who writes for PFAW and MoveOn when it's election time? I'm waiting for Gore to announce formally that, yes, he's thinking about it.

ETA: And it looks like we're finally rid of Rumsfeld!


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