The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Russell Crowe's Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Things I missed while squeeing over Goblet of Fire: Russell Crowe is not going to jail! And is free to work in the U.S. but must behave!

I was actually astonished at how small the fine was. It doesn't even pay back the city the cost of incarcerating him overnight. But I am glad that he pleaded guilty, since he was apparently guilty as hell, heh. Danielle looked much calmer than he did going into the courthouse despite the mob scene -- is it wrong of me to be glad he was shaken? Maybe he will manage to stay out of trouble for awhile! *hearts Russell and puts on "One Good Year"*

And while I'm on the subject of Russell, melinafandom, I wrote to the vidders and one of them sent me the "Favourite Friend" vid! (This is an ABM/M&C crossover that is freakin' brilliant that apparently debuted at Vividcon -- gblvr first told me about it.) It is not available online anywhere and I had despaired of seeing it, yet now I have! I am so excited that I must squee some more! Thank you so much for your help!

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