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Poem for Saturday

In Praise of Shame
By Lord Alfred Douglas

Last night unto my bed bethought there came
Our lady of strange dreams, and from an urn
She poured live fire, so that mine eyes did burn
At the sight of it. Anon the floating fame
Took many shapes, and one cried: "I am shame
That walks with Love, I am most wise to turn
Cold lips and limbs to fire; therefore discern
And see my loveliness, and praise my name."

And afterwords, in radiant garments dressed
With sound of flutes and laughing of glad lips,
A pomp of all the passions passed along
All the night through; till the white phantom ships
Of dawn sailed in. Whereat I said this song,
"Of all sweet passions Shame is the loveliest."


By the author of "Two Loves," the poem from which the phrase "the love that dare not speak its name" is taken. That poem also turns on the conceit that Shame is the queer twin of Love. But I'd never seen this poem before tonight, while looking for the latter -- I couldn't remember the title -- and it struck me, having seeing the Indigo Girls last weekend, that Amy Ray's "Strange Fire" is likely influenced by the poem above.

Not a lot to report from today that I haven't already posted elsewhere -- some writing, a review of Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Symbiosis", an article on which celebrities are trying to get their names dropped for the yet-uncast roles in Star Trek XI (surprisingly no new rumors about Kirk since Damon made it clear he wasn't in the come more young actors aren't claiming to be in the running just to get their names out there?). Gleefully reading poor persecuted Senator Craig *cough* preparing to step down, and the Dutch royals rewriting their Wikipedia entry, pouting a bit about David Beckham and a great deal about the cessation of marriage licenses to gay couples in Iowa, though I was happy that a couple got married in Iowa before the stay went into effect.

fridayfiver: Why do you build me up?
1. Who never returns your phone calls?
My friend in L.A. who's as busy with her kids as I am with mine.
2. What was your favorite childhood toy? A stuffed rabbit that I had from infancy and named, very creatively, Big Bunny.
3. Who is the last person you greeted at your door? My son's friend.
4. Who do you need? Alan Rickman. My family.
5. Do you break hearts or do you have your heart broken? I was once informed by someone that I had broken his heart, but really, thankfully, I haven't had a great deal of either in my life. I had the latter happen to me once and it sucked mightily.

thefridayfive: Gourmet Meals
If you were a full course meal what would you be?
chicken with matzoh balls
salad: romaine with walnut-cranberry dressing
meat: grilled salmon with lemon-ginger sauce
dessert: chocolate mousse with whipped cream
and what complimentary beverage would you be? Earl Grey tea with plenty of sugar and a bit of cream

fannish5: What are the five most interesting adversarial relationships?
1. Snape/Harry
, Harry Potter
2. Kira/Damar, Deep Space Nine
3. Xena/Ares, Xena: Warrior Princess
4. Mulder/Krycek, The X-Files
5. Picard/Q, Star Trek: The Next Generation

hp_fridayfive: Fannishness
1. What's the nerdiest thing you've ever done in the name of Harry Potter?
Dragged my kids against their will to see Harry & the Potters.
2. How many people have you peer-pressured into reading the series? None -- it's not like people hadn't heard of it before me!
3. What's the biggest misconception non-HP have about the series and/or fandom? That fans are nuts? Oh wait, that's not a misconception! I think there's a sense that organized fandom is more monolithic than it is (like, all Trekkies wear Spock ears, all HP fans have wands).
4. What is your favorite piece of HP merchandise? A Time-Turner that my husband bought me as an anniversary present.
5. Do you think the HP fandom will still be strong 10 years from now? I think it will still be around, but I seriously doubt that it will have the kind of numbers it does right now.

When we left my parents' after Shabbat dinner on Friday evening, there was a deer in the front yard of a house down the street. I was afraid to use a flash, and so got this rather interesting blurred photo.

Unfortunately, all my photos without flash came out with blur...

...or very dark with demon deer eyes!

Leaving early Saturday for Pennsylvania -- Gettysburg on Saturday and the Renaissance Faire on Sunday!

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