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Poem for Wednesday

Eulogy [People Get Ready]
By Kevin Young

And so the snow.
Far away the cactus flowering.
White morning making
my hands sting.
Lilies in a refrigerator
losing scent.
Tell me the weather
wherever you are.
Let snow send its angels—
lay down and wave
numb arms.
Deepening drifts.
We who are left
like mailboxes along a country road
huddle together in the cold
awaiting word.


Quiet Tuesday with no internet for a good section of the morning. *smites Verizon and Comcast both* I watched some 9/11 tributes, caught up on magazine reading (lovely photos of animals in this month's Outdoor Photographer), wrote Star Trek news offline after using dial-up to get the source articles (James Doohan's family will visit Linlithgow, Jennifer Garner says she'd dress as a Vulcan or anything else J.J. Abrams asked...I wonder how Ben feels about that *snickers and recalls charming photos of Matt and Ben and their wives on vacation together from People a couple of weeks back*).

As you can see, most of my news is about other things...lying presidents and generals who aren't really news to anyone, the Frederick Keys becoming Carolina League Champions, brilliantly trained parrot Alex dying prematurely which has made all of us sad, terrible news about an Antarctic penguin colony which made all of us sadder, a University of Maryland alum hitting a Grand Slam during his first game with the Nationals which made us all happy, Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett moving his arms and legs after they thought he would be paralyzed which made us all very happy. I am currently beating Paul at Scrabulous but losing to Daniel. And my mother beat me by seven points. Woe!

The canoe launch at Lake Accotink Park in Springfield, Virginia.

Larger rowboats and even some covered riverboats were for rent, too.

The park has a carousel. My children have apparently decided that they are too old for them. Am waiting for them to get over this!

There were hopeful geese on the shore looking for handouts. Unfortunately for them, we didn't have any.

And here is another tiny turtle pic from in the lake. These little guys are less than two inches long but very fast!

Wednesday evening we are having Rosh Hashanah dinner with my parents and their friends early, so the Conservative guests can get to shul on time. L'Shana Tova to everyone who is celebrating!

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