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Poem for Tuesday

A Windmill Makes A Statement
By Cate Marvin

You think I like to stand all day, all night,
all any kind of light, to be subject only
to wind? You are right. If seasons undo
me, you are my season. And you are the light
making off with its reflection as my stainless
steel fins spin.
On lawns, on lawns we stand,
we windmills make a statement. We turn air,
churn air, turning always on waiting for your
season. There is no lover more lover than the air.
You care, you care as you twist my arms
round, till my songs become popsicle

and I wing out radiants of light all across
suburban lawns. You are right, the churning
is for you, for you are right, no one but you
I spin for all night, all day, restless for your

sight to pass across the lawn, tease grasses,
because I so like how you lay above me,
how I hovered beneath you, and we learned
some other way to say: There you are.

You strip the cut, splice it to strips, you mill
the wind, you scissor the air into ecstasy until
all lawns shimmer with your bluest energy.


Have been home all day with a raging sore throat -- the only reason I didn't go to the doctor on Monday for a throat culture is that I have an appointment for a physical on Tuesday and I don't have a fever, which I keep being told means it's not strep. But I can't remember ever having a cold or allergies where my throat hurt this much, yet my nose, sinuses, etc. are completely clear. It's not a terribly fun feeling, anyway. I also slept badly because of the mountain-climbing game -- I am the mountain, Daisy is the climber, and when she gets tired of climbing she flops down on my chest or arm or whatever's handy for a nap complete with very loud snurging purr -- so am not much use. Wrote articles on how Vulcan, Alberta wants to host the Star Trek premiere and how Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens have writing jobs besides writing William Shatner's books, the latter of which took a long time. Watched a fandom wank that literally left my jaw dropping open.

Also watched the Heroes season premiere, which had some stuff I liked a lot, , like Suresh's conniving speaking engagements that draw him the attention of the alchemist, played by the cranky jeweler from The Grifters -- I love that guy and I love his power! I was briefly hopeful that Nathan grew a spine as well as a beard in four months, but his brush-off of Claire sure seems to indicate otherwise -- woe is me, it's still all about me -- and I'm going to be very unhappy if Mr. Nakamura is dead! I'm also not sold on the storyline with Hiro and the jerky white guy Japanese hero; I gather Hiro will have to take over his life and be the hero, which Star Trek has already done a couple of times (Kenzei is so Zephram Cochrane, even needing a pee). Also watched Journeyman which was very well acted and quite engrossing until I realized that each episode's time traveling is apparently going to be self-contained while the family soap opera is the arc, which seemed like sort of a letdown. I still like it much better than anything else NBC has had on after Heroes, though!


Adam came home from school feeling terrible, took an hour and a half nap on the couch, so I hope we are not both sick. Bleh.

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