The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Thursday

By James Longenbach

Stars rising like something said, something never
To be forgotten, shining forever--look

How still they are

                         Blind hunter crawling
Toward sunrise, then healed.

He opened his eyes to find her waiting

--Afraid--and together they traveled
Lightly: requiring nothing

But a sense that the road beneath them stretched
Forever. At the edge

He entered the water, swam so far
That he became a speck: his body

Washed ashore, then raised to where we see it now--
The belt, the worn-out sword. I'm not


Except that there is nothing beneath us,
No ground without fear. The body vulnerable

--You can look at me--

The body still now, never
Changing, rising forever--stay--

Like something said.


I have been spoiled sick, I tell you, by Pete Hamill's Forever, following on the heels of Summerland and The Leto Bundle. Am I going to be in the mood to read something as American as The Adventures of Kavalier & Clay in London? Or should I bring James Hetley's The Summer Country? Or should I run out to the bookstore and buy The Da Vinci Code? But that's hardcover and will weigh more to carry!

I suppose I should bring The World of King Arthur, since it's nationally appropriate and I have to review it. But I don't want even to THINK about working. Perhaps I will bring some uncomplicated historical novel to reread, like something by Sharon Kay Penman? Or a biography of Elizabeth I?

Oh, last-minute packing dilemmas...

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