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Poem for Saturday

I Will Beguile Him With the Tongue
By Jalaluddin Rumi
Translated by Coleman Barks

Reason says, "I will beguile him with the tongue." Love says,
"Be silent. I will beguile him with the soul."
The soul says to the heart, "Go, do not laugh at me and yourself.
What is there that is not his, that I may beguile him thereby?"
He is not sorrowful and anxious and seeking oblivion that I
may beguile him with wine and a heavy measure.
The arrow of his glance needs not a bow that I should beguile
the shaft of his gaze with a bow.
He is not prisoner of the world, fettered to this world of earth,
that I should beguile him with gold of the kingdom of the world.
He is an angel, though in form he is a man; he is not lustful
that I should beguile him with women.
Angels start away from the house wherein this form is, so how
should I beguile him with such a form and likeness?
He does not take a flock of horses, since he flies on wings; his
food is light, so how should I beguile him with bread?
He is not a merchant and trafficker in the market of the world
that I should beguile him with enchantment of grain and loss.
He is not veiled that I should make myself out sick and utter
sighs, to beguile him with lamentation.
I will bind my head and bow my head, for I have got out of
hand; I will not beguile his compassion with sickness or fluttering.
Hair by hair he sees my crookedness and feigning; what's
hidden from him that I should beguile him with anything hidden.
He is not a seeker of fame, a prince addicted to poets, that I
should beguile him with verses and lyrics and flowing poetry.
The glory of the unseen form is too great for me to beguile it
with blessing or Paradise.
Shams-e Tabriz, who is his chosen and beloved -– perchance I
will beguile him with this same pole of the age.


My tongue is no longer black! And my throat is somewhat better, knock wood, not perfect but not sharp pain every time I swallow. So although I didn't get a lot done today it must be considered a good day! The kids had a half day of school due to some interim thing or other and both had friends over so it was extremely loud and distracting -- four boys and three cats, one of whom is a kitten who likes to stand on keyboards and chase the cursor with her paw, could prevent anyone from getting anything done. I did write a review of The Next Generation's first season finale, "The Neutral Zone", without a lot nice to say about it, and I got the site columns up. And now there are rumors that Karl Urban will play the Romulan villain in Trek XI, which would be pretty cool.

A heron in the low water of the Potomac River at Great Falls National Park two weeks ago.

Because it was such a dry summer, the leaves have started to change early.

The sun reflected in the low water of a still pool on Olmsted Island.

And see how low the river is even at the main falls?

A turtle in the C&O Canal.

A skink on one of the Olmsted Island trees.

Now that the new canal barge is finished, the canal is kept full even during near-drought conditions.

fridayfiver: Racing on the thunder
1. Do you dance?
Dreadfully but enthusiastically.
2. Would you consider yourself religious? I consider myself spiritual. I'm neither observant nor traditional.
3. Do you talk about politics? Far more in real life than here, these days.
4. When is the last time you asked for forgiveness? On Yom Kippur last week.
5. Friday fill-in: I'm holding out for ___. my dream job.

thefridayfive: Running Away
1. Have you ever considered running away from home?
Not seriously. I threaten to regularly, though.
2. Have you ever actually run away from home? (If so, for how long?) No.
3. What would make you want to run away from home? Not having a moment to myself to think.
4. What would you do if a friend ran away to your house? Would depend on the friend and the circumstances.
5. If you were going to run away from home, where would you go? Glastonbury, UK.

Had dinner with my parents, then watched the Sci-Fi Channel trifecta. I'm not really crazy about the Doctor Who season finale episodes, which I had already seen -- the acting is fine and Saxon is a blast but the storyline is a chaotic mess and I'm not terribly comfortable either with the sexual politics nor the nature of the religious overtones. (My favorite thing is the idiot Republican US President!) Half-watched Flash Gordon which has little to recommend it besides being on after Doctor Who and we were too lazy to put on anything we'd actually need to concentrate upon -- best thing I can say about it is that I like the women, though if Dale went to Harvard she should at least be able to use grammar correctly -- and Stargate Atlantis, where, I will confess again, I tune way more into Elizabeth and Teyla than the boys everyone adores, and I love Keller but I'm still not falling in love with the show.

The Orioles have kept the Yankees from winning the division! Huzzah!

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