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The Little Review
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Need Laptop Advice 
Sunday, 14th October 2007 02:04 pm
We need to buy a replacement laptop, preferably for under $750. We have had several Dells with which we have been extremely happy, one Gateway with which we had some issues, one Compaq that was a nightmare. Want Windows (yes, I know all the virtues of the Mac but can't run 9/10 of my software on them and can't afford one), suppose will have to learn Vista since it doesn't seem like anyone is loading XP anymore. Anyone have either a great or terrible laptop recommendation or warning within that price range? Advice about Dell or Toshiba in particular would be appreciated!
little review
Sunday, 14th October 2007 09:49 pm (UTC)
I bought my Dell from the outlet store (it was a returned item with the same warrantee as a new) and haven't regretted a day of it. Sign up for their emails and they send you free shipping deals all the time. The biggest pain in the ass about buying from the outlet was having to search through all the available stock to find the memory/software/etc. combinations available, but you can sort by price first, and that's a plus. My laptop is an Inspiron, and that line is highly rated by Consumer Reports for reliability and value. I don't recommend the XPS line because they're expensive and sold for high-end gamers.

http://www.dell.com/content/products/category.aspx/notebooks?c=us&cs=22&l=en&s=dfh I looked in the Inspiron section and there are heaps in your price range.

Monday, 15th October 2007 02:40 pm (UTC)
We get their emails from our four previous Dells, with which we have been very happy, but I've heard complaints lately particularly about their wireless configurations and various incompatibilities (I know Dell will sell us XP instead of Vista which makes me very happy). We need a grunt machine with a screen good enough for Photoshopping on the road!

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