The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Sunday

by John Agard

We are the ones who once walked the paths you walked.
Set this down lest you forget.
We who once inhabited your planet.

In shoes of roots and leaf of web
We were one with nature's flow and ebb
and grass was then a gift of green abundance.

In shoes of twigs and shard of clay
We made our steps in the caterpillar's tracks
and followed the hedgehog's footprint of wonder.

See, we have left you
our shoes in enchanting circles.


My alternative spiritual list says that the Ten of Cups is my card today. Should mean that I am fulfilled in life and in love, and that any committment I make should lead to happiness. What does it mean, then, that I have to spend several hours working? I guess I had better learn to be fulfilled by that!

I really want to know who they're killing off in the Dawson's Creek finale, if the previews can be believed. Because after the Voyager and La Femme Nikita finales, I realized that I would much rather not know how a show officially ended than watch it end horribly and end up feeling betrayed by the writers and never wanting even to see a rerun again. If anyone knows where there are spoilers, will you tell me? Thanks.

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