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Poem for Tuesday

The Evening Darkens Over
By Robert Bridges

The evening darkens over
After a day so bright,
The windcapt waves discover
That wild will be the night.
There's sound of distant thunder.

The latest sea-birds hover
Along the cliff's sheer height;
As in the memory wander
Last flutterings of delight,
White wings lost on the white.

There's not a ship in sight;
And as the sun goes under,
Thick clouds conspire to cover
The moon that should rise yonder.
Thou art alone, fond lover.


dementordelta came to visit and our original plan was to go see Elizabeth: The Golden Age together, but two local theaters had stopped showing it altogether and another only had it in the evening, so we gave up on that plan, called gblvr and told her to tell us where we were all going for lunch. She said the Rio Grande Cafe, so we had Mexican food and then Delta and I went and got pumpkin cheesecake from California Pizza Kitchen and brought it back to my house, where -- I know you will all be shocked to hear this -- we decided we were in an Alan Rickman mood, and since we had been deprived of Clive Owen in Elizabeth we also wanted stark naked Clive, so we watched Close My Eyes, which has the double charm of Alan as an adorable dork and Clive as an adorable doofus. Delta also brought me more of her Barbie and Ken discards, so now I have an Elvis, plus a Ken in faux alligator pants and a little silver tea set.

Heroes didn't thrill me, which has been the case all season -- I am bored out of my mind with the ancient Asia storyline, I actively hope not to see Hiro -- and while I'm still relatively attached to Claire, Noah, Matt, Mohinder and Micah's whole family, I feel like we're seeing too much repetition with Claire and her father of the stuff they went through last season and Mohinder just doesn't seem to have grown much despite all he's seen. Noah in particular is bugging me -- how can he not realize that if he keeps lying to Claire, then of course she's going to keep lying to him, and moreover that she can't protect him any more than he can protect her? I can't figure out whether Mohinder's new boss, Bob, is as inherently power-hungry and conspiratorial as Linderman et al or if he really believes he's doing what's necessary to protect people and is just not very bright.

Journeyman, on the other hand, was much better than it's been. I like how Katie's personality seems to have coalesced, I like that there's slowly emerging backstory, I especially like the implication that this is all about Dan's father who didn't abandon his family as Dan has always believed but had some time travel connection himself. On the other hand, this is so much a show about fathers and sons and brothers so far, with the women as satellites, and the one who could blow that equation right open, Livia, is instead being drawn out as the Mystery Woman Cliche. Any man in his right mind would either demand some answers from her or tell her to go away, so I can't help wondering what kind of masochist Dan is, and I have trouble rooting for him and Katie together, especially when the women are being presented as rivals for Dan just like Dan and Jack are for Katie.

A baby alpaca at Chestnut Hill Farm.

A sheep and her lambs at Stunkel's Farm.

And from another angle.

Here are some of Stunkel's cows.

Mommy Australian dog and her puppies at Stunkel's...

...and from another angle, aww.

The contractor called; they're going to start fixing things on Wednesday, which means we have to pull things away from walls and into different rooms and all that starting tomorrow. For now am waiting for Russell Crowe to show up on Jay Leno, since Monday Night Football is in overtime!
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