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Poem for Thursday

Psalm 100

Shout for joy to God, all the earth!
Worship the Almighty with gladness;
Come before the Presence with singing.
Know that the Divine is eternal.
It is God who made us, and we are in God's keeping:
We are all chosen people, the sheep of the God's pasture.
Enter heaven's gates with thanksgiving and the holy courts with praise;
Give thanks to the Eternal One and call out your blessings.
For God is good, and God's love endures forever;
God's faithfulness continues through all generations.


I fiddled with the translation because I couldn't find one I really liked; either the pronouns were all masculine or there was lots of redundancy trying to avoid them. It's still a bit heaven-centric for my taste but that may be inevitable with the psalms.

I had a lovely day-before-Thanksgiving beginning with a visit from cidercupcakes, with whom I have had plans to see Live Free or Die Hard since before it was in theaters but we didn't actually get to do it till Wednesday morning. She has seen it several more times than I have, but we both agree that the unrated version is the way to go, the only major difference being that John McClane drops the F bomb about 80 times just like in the first three Die Hard movies instead of in the PG13 version. I must admit that some of the replacement dialogue is clever, but without the "Yippie-Kai-Yay, Motherfucker!" at the end, what's the point, really?

In the afternoon, my mother dropped by with my sister's three little girls, and they spent an hour first chasing our cats so they could pet them, then petting the neighbor's bunny which she had outside in a basket. The kids didn't interact exactly -- Daniel was doing homework, Adam was making some kind of projectile out of clothespins with his best friend, while my oldest niece was talking about books, my middle niece was doing back walkovers and my youngest niece was trying to pick up the animals -- but they all got along very well, including the six or seven neighbor children around!

I was thinking that tonight was not my favorite Pushing Daisies until the very end -- there wasn't enough meaty Ned-Chuck or Ned-Olive interaction, and I kept getting confused by the plot, which seems to be a riff on Perfume (which I didn't read nor see despite Alan Rickman because it sounds SO like not my kind of film). But then the awesome Ellen Greene aka Aunt Vivian started singing "Morning Has Broken" and kept singing it over the the water ballet in the rain with the cracked Chinese temple hats, and Emerson sat around making pop-up books, and I fell in love with everything about the show all over again. Even the episodes that aren't my favorite are better than anything else on television by a huge margin! And ohh, that shirt Anna Friel was wearing at the end!

One of the sheepdogs outside the house at Dancing Leaf Farm.

One of the sheep...

...and a model of same.

Color on Sugarloaf Mountain...

...slowly falling to the ground.

And an autumn wreath at Catoctin Mountain's National Park Service station.

I've changed the layout for my LiveJournal to look more like and my Vox journal where my LoudTwitters are now going. May work on the backup journals later on or may just leave them. Happy Thanksgiving!
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