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Hi :)
I just read your T&D page and its so true! I just felt i had to say something because its that good! Especially the bit about it being an unfinished fairytale and Jayne saying they were in love for Bolero. just really brilliant thanks so much :)
love Becky
Thanks -- wow, I'm blushing, I wrote that so long ago and now they're both married to and have children with other people and I read their second autobiography, the one in which they said John Hennessy took liberties in the first to sell books marketing the fairy tale...I haven't ever fallen for another skating couple, though, not even Klimova and Ponomarenko who seem to have lived out that fairy tale and are married and coaching together instead of living on separate continents!


September 2 2008, 15:42:44 UTC 12 years ago

What a perceptive piece on Torvill and Dean!
I must live on a desert island, how else do I explain
my joy at finding this level sensitivity in print?
All I really wanted, though, was discovering the
name of the music piece (other than Bolero) they used
in one of their outstanding choreographies.
I live on remembered beauty.
Thank you so much! I don't even follow skating these days. It makes me cynical.
Hi, I found a great photo of a horse at the Hanover Shoe Farm and I was wondering if I have permission to use it on, a travel blog for the Pennsylvania Tourism Office. If you can email me at I would appreciate it!
I just read your review about buying Star Trek books for the Christmas season. Here is an recent unauthorized book you may have missed, The Ferengi Bible.

Star Trek fans are familiar with the Rules of Acquisition, familiar quips of wisdom from a purported Ferengi Bible. Incomplete versions have been published, but for the first time we are now proud to publish, complete and unabridged, The Ferengi Bible, The Complete Rules of Acquisition. Not only can you find all 285 Rules, but all 900 Major and Minor Judgments and the 10,000 Considered Opinions. Written by the master himself, Grand Nagus Gint, The Ferengi Bible was discovered in a data crystal lodged in a meteorite found by a fisherman near Togiak in southwestern Alaska.

The Ferengi Bible is available from for $19.95.

From the Grand Nagus.
Thanks -- hope Pocket Books doesn't come down on your heads!



February 25 2010, 04:33:32 UTC 11 years ago

Hi Michelle, I was 20 when I saw T&D skate to Bollero in 84. I thought it was amazing then. They kept us wondering if they were a couple because it maintains that theatrcal spell when we watch the show. But even if they were never in love, when I watched the replay of Bolero on youtube the other night I cried. Not because it was so romantic but because I felt I was seeing the perfect mixture of skating choreography and talent and music and costume. I feel that way when I see a full moon - like every once in a while we see a little magic in the world. That music is haunting and the way it has two parts- a basic rhythem that drives it slowly along and give it structure. And then the melody above it that allows for all kinds of creative, more free-flowing choreography. And Dean caught that lightning in a bottle - he choreographed wonderfully to both parts of that song. Sometimes I look at all the little creative pieces and think how artistically strong that was. But I do not know the story behind Bolero and I never saw 10, so sometimes I just watch it and think "in some fairytale a lake freezes solid and a pair of swans came up with this dance on the ice." They may not have been in love but the truth is they created some magic. Thanks for letting me express this, Bev
I was 17. I have three different versions on video/DVD (Europeans, Worlds, the Russian All-Stars DVD) and nothing tops that Olympic performance. There's really been nothing like it since -- not even their own comeback.
Thanks for visiting Mount Vernon! I adore the photos you took of the lambs and wonder if you wouldn't mind sharing them with us and allowing us to use them in the future (the ones without people). You really got some good ones, and we're always looking for nice shots of our babies!

Thanks for your consideration,
Emily Dibella
VP, Marketing
Mount Vernon (
I'd be happy to -- I will write to you!

I've just stumbled across your post where you said you miss Alberta as Madeline, in this new Nikita. I soo agree! Just not watching the new Nikita, is like a version for pre-teens of that cult series. Well, I thought you could enjoy this YouTube channel:
That's all :)
Warm regards
Thank you! I haven't kept up with Watson's career terribly faithfully since La Femme Nikita went off the air, I shall make sure to catch up. I don't love the new one but any show with four awesome women will keep my attention even if it's not the original...