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Poem for Monday

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It was a dazzlingly beautiful warm afternoon in DC, so after Daniel got back from Robotics Club (meeting weekends through the spring competition) and Adam got back from Hebrew school (meeting biweekly until his Bar Mitzvah in 2009), we went to the last day of the United States Botanic Garden's holiday exhibit, which includes model trains, electric lights, a large Christmas tree and a miniature replica of major downtown buildings like the Capitol, Library of Congress, Supreme Court, Smithsonian Castle and Washington Monument, handmade entirely from plant materials like resin, leaves, bark and gourds.

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We also walked through the World Deserts, Hawaii, Garden Primeval, Orchid Room, Medicinal Plants and How Plants Work...I'm a bit allergic to some of the orchids, but the colors were glorious, and there were lots of herbs and peppers in the medicinal exhibit so it smelled great. We had parked behind the Natural History museum, so we walked most of the stretch of the National Mall at sunset while the clouds were turning pink behind the Native American, Air & Space and Hirshhorn museums...they were already dark by the time we reached the Castle. Then we came home, watched the Chargers beat the Titans and put on Bob Roberts, figuring our kids should be exposed to that movie we once thought was an exaggerated farce and now find a chilling prognostication. It's so much fun to see everyone who's in the bit parts in that film (Alan Rickman, James Spader, John Cusack, Jack Black, Kelly Willis, David Strathairn, Peter Gallagher, et al) and I adore Tim Robbins.

I feel almost guilty having such lovely weather here when so much of the US is getting socked in with snow or gone with the wind! Stay safe and warm!

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