The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Thursday

By Michael Ryan

Before you went out I asked you
in no uncertain terms to button
the next button up your shirt
that showed your naked breast
from the right angle when you twisted
and bent, an angle admittedly rarely
reproduced in real-world space
and then what would need to be in place
is the mythical irresistible male
whose lust could flare furiously
(like mine) and push you ecstatically
beyond where you sexually go
with me. Obviously I don't know
what would be possible for you
with another body than mine,
but I love you and yours so dearly
the thought's too much for me
despite your saying your love for me
makes the idea preposterous
from the get-go. I'm sorry
I spoke harshly. My jealousy
is a jealous companion.
It wants me alone.


Most of my day was really hideous and awful due to family events. So I'll talk about the good part of the day: lunch with cidercupcakes, who generously offered me a ride to California Pizza Kitchen since I had no transportation -- my minivan has new tires now, at least. And after she left, I walked to meet younger son on the way home from school and took more photos of the woodpeckers. I have not seen the baby either yesterday or today but here are the adults, whom I am pretty sure are red-bellied woodpeckers.


I see Geraldine Ferraro took her foot out of her mouth long enough to kick herself out of Hillary Clinton's campaign (my husband's wording but it made me laugh so I am sharing), and the whole Spitzer fiasco, his desperate flailing attempts to find a way not to resign...oh, I really cannot talk about anything political tonight, I am in much too much of a screaming mood. And I cannot talk about two Deathly Hallows movies without screaming, anyway!

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