The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Thursday

By Gordon Fisher

sounds of rain spring legerdemain
     sticky tires
          moist road desires

sounds of water walk on leaves
     rains daughter
          stalking eaves

might and may
     rainy day
     may and might rain tonight


Another day at home with Daniel, whom I believe is finally on the mend -- well enough to go to school on Thursday, at least! Wednesday he wanted to watch Mafia! and Scary Movie IV and I didn't feel like getting into an argument about how he should be watching something educational (or, you know, something actually good) -- he reread both Eragon books in the past two days as well as some stuff for school, so I will save the guilt trips for when he feels better.

I worked some more on uploading photos, and now I have a request: if anyone who likes to look at pictures has spare time, would you take a look here and tell me which photos you think are good, which you think aren't good enough to be collected among my favorites, if there are any you'd crop differently, whether it would be better to arrange them by date, thematically or for maximum variation, etc.? I want to put together a page I can show local newspapers looking for people to cover high school events etc. where the ability to take photos is a must.

The 16-sided barn on the pioneer farm at Mount Vernon.

Work on the original began in 1792. It was designed for threshing wheat.

The barn had to be big enough for the horses to run around over the wheat stalks.

The threshed grain fell to the barn's first floor.

In addition to horses and sheep, George Washington kept pigs, mules, cows, oxen...

...and hens in this reproduction of a henhouse behind a restored slave cabin.

A reenactor working at the farm explains Washington's innovative farming techniques.

In the evening we all watched Troy because Adam, who loved mythology in social studies, found it on AMC with commercials, so we put on the DVD to watch it without commercials and discovered that Adam remembers far more details of The Iliad, The Odyssey and Hamilton's Mythology better than we do. Ah well, at least Thursday I will get out of the house while Daniel is at school getting educated!

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