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Poem for Saturday

Cotton Candy
By Edward Hirsch

We walked on the bridge over the Chicago River
for what turned out to be the last time,
and I ate cotton candy, that sugary air,
that sweet blue light spun out of nothingness.
It was just a moment, really, nothing more,
but I remember marveling at the sturdy cables
of the bridge that held us up
and threading my fingers through the long
and slender fingers of my grandfather,
an old man from the Old World
who long ago disappeared into the nether regions.
And I remember that eight-year-old boy
who had tasted the sweetness of air,
which still clings to my mouth
and disappears when I breathe.


Another from The Washington Post Book World's poetry issue last weekend, this one by former Poet's Choice columnist Hirsh, to go with this article. "Poetry is a vocation. It is not a career but a calling," writes Hirsch. "For as long as I can remember, I have associated that calling, my life's work, with walking. I love the leisurely amplitude, the spaciousness, of taking a walk, of heading somewhere, anywhere, on foot. I love the sheer adventure of it, setting out and taking off. You cross a threshold and you're on your way. Time is suspended. Writing poetry is such an intense experience that it helps to start the process in a casual or wayward frame of mind. Poetry is written from the body as well as the mind, and the rhythm and pace of a walk can get you going and keep you grounded. It's a kind of light meditation. Daydreaming is one of the key sources of poetry -- a poem often starts as a daydream that finds its way into language -- and walking seems to bring a different sort of alertness, an associative kind of thinking, a drifting state of mind."

The pollen count today was over 2000. Between that and the not-yet-recovered condition of my lungs, I spent a lot of time coughing, wheezing and gasping. So if you're hoping for new neighborhood photos or something like that, sorry. I did get a review of "The Enemy" written, probably more enthusiastic than I meant to sound because it's an interesting story to think about after though frustrating while watching. (And possibly incoherent due to lack of oxygen but that's how it goes.) Had dinner with my parents, couldn't eat much -- if bronchitis is good for anything, it's weight loss -- and folded laundry, which was much excitement as I could muster.

fridayfiver: The air's so heavy
1. When did you last get lost?
When was the last time I drove anywhere?
2. Have you ever been flying? As a passenger. Not piloting or skydiving or anything like that.
3. Who do you always listen to? My friend Veronica, who is incredibly knowledgeable about a wide range of things.
4. When does the day feel long? When I'm stuck in traffic.
5. Friday fill-in: Are we _____ ? Are we running out of ideas for questions?

1. Whats harder to live without, chocolate or alchohol? Chocolate! I can go weeks or months without alcohol and never miss it.
2. Does the colour yellow remind you of anything? Besides the sun? And pollen? And piss?
3. Who most annoyed you last week? Answering this question would be sure to get me unFriended, and after I was so careful to stay out of the controversy.
4. Do you have a cutesy romantic nickname for your partner (or previous partners)? Yes.
5. What is your favourite Stephen King movie? The Running Man.

fannish5: What are your five least favorite romances, in canon?
1. Star Trek: Voyager
, Chakotay/Seven of Nine.
2. Harry Potter, Harry/Ginny.
3. Smallville, Clark/Lana.
4. The West Wing, Josh/Donna.
5. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Gul Dukat/Kira Meru.

From the National Aquarium in Baltimore...

...puffins and other North Atlantic shorebirds.

They call these the "penguins of the north" though my son says it doesn't really count.

And from the Caribbean reef exhibit...

...and the Maryland marsh exhibits...

...and the exterior of the great shark tank...

...and above the giant ray tank...

...and diving into it.

Speaking of penguins, Adam tells me that Friday was in fact World Penguin Day, and I should report that I loved the penguin wet suit story. Watched the Sarah Jane Adventures/Doctor Who lineup on Sci-Fi and then left it on for BSG, which my kids watched attentively, to my dismay. Sarah Jane just delights me -- I love that she's not defined by her maternity or lack thereof like so many women that age, yet she's so willing to work with and involved with adolescents and takes their intelligence seriously. And Phyllida Law as a guest star, with the same hairdo she had in The Winter Guest, and she'll be back next week! Squee! The Slitheen are fun but I like the creepy nuns and Medusa better...more cool women. ("Behave or the Abbess might show you my idea of solving a problem like Maria.")

I'd seen "Partners in Crime" before but I enjoyed it on the big screen...I adore Donna and her attitude, both wanting to believe and see there's more in the universe and at the same time taking no crap from anyone, particularly not the Doctor. BSG...sigh, everything I said last week is still very much in effect with a double helping of the Bimbos of the Death Sun cult. Maybe Saul and Gaius could date; they'd be a dream couple on this series.

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