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Poem for Saturday

The Coming of Light
By Mark Strand

Even this late it happens:
the coming of love, the coming of light.
You wake and the candles are lit as if by themselves,
stars gather, dreams pour into your pillows,
sending up warm bouquets of air.
Even this late the bones of the body shine
and tomorrow's dust flares into breath.


It's short and beautiful so you get it with no cut tag.

My husband came home with the first Matrix on DVD yesterday, though thus far we had somehow managed not to own it. Interestingly, it has gotten better since seeing The Matrix Reloaded. Then I discovered What Is The Matrix's Philosophy Page via The New York Times article Philosophers Draw On The Film Matrix and have been having some nostalgia for academia, even though in several cases my eyebrows were up around my hairline. I need to go look again at's Jewish perspective Beyond the Matrix too. And more here.

On a less serious note,
Top 5's Little Fivers Science Fiction this week:

In recent years, thousands of people in the UK, Australia, Canada and the US have listed "Jedi" as their religion when filling out census forms.

The Top 10 Jedi Commandments

10> Thou shalt not seek out these droids. These are not the droids you are looking for.
9> Thou shalt never bring up the fact that Bea Arthur and Harvey Korman sang a cabaret musical number in the Star Wars Holiday Special.
8> Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, but thy sister is fair game, especially if she's wearing that gold lame number!
7> Honor thy uncle and thy aunt, until such time as you happen upon their charred skeletal remains.
6> Thou shalt not overact, yea, nor even act sufficiently unto the day.
5> Thou shalt not go into Toshi Station to pick up some power converters.
4> Thou shalt leave well enough alone, Lucas... Hey, I'm talking to THEE!
3> Thou shalt not play "lightsaber fight" while at the communal urinal.
2> Thou shalt shoot first, and makest it to look like self-defense in a later edition.
and the Number 1 Jedi Commandment...
1> Talk like Yoda shalt thou not unless Yoda thou art, hmmm?

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