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Poem for Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur
By Alicia Ostriker

we destroy we break we are broken
and this is the fast you have chosen
on Rosh Hashana it is written
on Yom Kippur it is sealed

who shall live and who shall die
which goat will have his throat cut
like an unlucky Isaac

spitting a red thread and which goat
will be sent alive to the pit where the crazies are
thread lightly tied around its neck

who will possess diamonds and pearls
and who will be killed
by an addicted lover

who shall voyage the web of the world
like an eagle, and who shall curl to sleep
over a steam grate like a worm

who shall be photographed and whose
face will disappear like smoke


Trip book is finished, calendar is finished pending approval from husband, both of those and the holiday cards will be ordered once the holy day is over and shopping is permissible again. And I had a very nice lunch with both cidercupcakes and gblvr at the Cheesecake Factory, where I hadn't eaten in ages...their Thai peanut pasta is still delicious, and their cheesecake is too, though I only had a couple of bites since I was too full from the food. We talked about Jane Austen, sci-fi chick lit, and why none of us watch Supernatural, among other fannish topics. Afterwards, cidercupcakes and I came back to my house and watched Futurama and the SNL parody of the Biden-Palin debate.


We had dinner with my parents, lots of food though I don't think any of us are fasting for the day -- my mother may be for the morning -- some Rosh Hashanah leftovers and some traditional Jewish food (gefilte fish, matzoh ball soup, etc.). They left for Kol Nidre services and we came home to watch the really terrific PBS show Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency, narrated by Martin Sheen, a fairly balanced portrait (revolted by his treatment of slaves, Indians, and women's rights, impressed by his courage, political machinations, and military prowess).

But nothing is more fun than Pushing Daisies, which we watched first. The opening, with Ned leaving school dressed as The Fool from the Tarot with his sack and his dog, delighted me even more than Olive naming her convent companion "Pigby" (and the swearing-in-church scene made me howl on this night of all nights). The mystery wasn't that interesting, but the mysteries are usually just background noise for the character stuff and the designers anyway -- maybe it's just that on a show with visuals like the Pie Hole and the bee place from last week, a circus just doesn't stand out all that much! I was glad the girl hadn't done anything terrible, but more worried about Ned and Chuck than anything she'd done.

I read an entertaining New York Times blog by Suzanne Vega about how she became the mother of the MP3. Oh, but I was sad to read on that Phoenix will freeze to death on Mars! At least Loreena McKennitt's new album is now available for pre-order, which makes me happy although I probably should not be reccing an album with Christmas songs on Yom Kippur. On which note, g'mar chatima tova -- may you all be inscribed in the Book of Life for a good year -- and have a good fast if you're observing.

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