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Poem for Saturday

Go Out
By Yosef Atzulit NurWasi Lopez-Hineynu

Tallit katan
embracing me
soul and body
tzitzit dancing
on the wind

Four seasons, four directions
four levels
of unveiling
all HaShem

kippah crowning
my head
doorway of the Shechina
Shabbos bride

Lech l'cha
get out of yourself
let go of your delusions
your attachments

find shalom

dance with
the Beloved
which is G!d

As you daven
your soul
does the

as it grows more deeply
in the heart
of HaShem
for they are
one and the same

is this not


Woke up with a migraine so I have very little to report. Went to CVS to refill my Imitrex prescription, wrote a review of "Brothers" which may or may not be coherent, discovered to my great joy that although the dryer did not reset after overheating last night even three hours after breaking down -- usually it resets in an hour -- it was working again today so I finished and folded the laundry. We had dinner with my parents and we all watched the Simpsons rerun of "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes" which made us all laugh a lot -- even the kids who complained that The Prisoner was boring, but now get all the references to it. Here are some more photos from South Mountain Creamery's harvest celebration from the Frederick farm festival a few weekends back:


thefridayfive: On the Phone
1. Could you live without your phone for 1 week for $500?
I could live without talking on the phone easily, but I wouldn't give up texting for a mere $500.
2. Whom do you talk to on the phone the most? Probably Paul, or maybe my mother; I tend to do a lot more e-mailing, texting and IMing than talking on the phone these days. I don't get to talk to mamadracula as much as I used to but when we do talk, it tends to be for a while.
3. Whom do you no longer talk to on the phone but wish you still did? My college roommate, with whom I used to talk at least once a week.
4. If you could get ahold of one celebrity phone number, whose digits would you want? Either Alan Rickman or Avery Brooks depending on which of them would be willing to read love poetry to me.
5. Do you talk on the phone more or less than you used to? Much less.

fannish5: Five canon events that would cause you to leave a fandom (or at least think seriously about it).
1. Gratuitous maiming or killing, particularly of women.
I've stopped watching several shows because of it.
2. Death of my favorite character. I realize that in TV and film series, dead people often return, but once I'm not getting to see a character I love regularly, it's often just frustrating for me to stick with the franchise. And bad miraculous returns from the dead are even worse than deaths.
3. Major personality change in my favorite character. This is an even surer way to make me leave a fandom than a death. Kathryn Janeway, Remus Lupin, I'm looking at you.
4. Excessive misogyny. I can deal with a little bit of trash talk for historical realism, but to any significant degree or in a futuristic setting, forget it. Hello and goodbye, 24.
5. Attempts to string out UST beyond all credibility and interest. In general, messing with a relationship I like may fray my interest in a fandom, but on any good show (The West Wing, for example, or The X-Files), interesting plots will keep me watching. But on a show where the 'ship is what kept me around in the first place, once it's been run into the ground, I generally don't want to keep watching.

Back at home we watched Crusoe, which was not terribly original (I have read several pieces of fan fiction with a nearly identical crisis) but was rather touching -- Crusoe and Friday are extremely enjoyable together, and though it would be nice if Friday saved Crusoe more often than the other way around, Crusoe's devotion to Friday is heartwarming. Then we watched Sanctuary, which I must admit I loved! They need to have Henry in every episode, he's hilarious, and I hope they are keeping the Furbys! I don't remember the last time my whole family laughed so hard watching serious TV -- first we were singing the Furby version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," then we were quoting "The Trouble With Tribbles," and then we were quoting Galaxy Quest ("Sure, they're cute now, but in a second they're gonna get mean, and they're gonna get ugly, and there's gonna be a million more of them").

Sadly, there was no actual "evil Furbys made me do it" sex, but at least we got Henry yelling "I've got wood!" And "Your mother was a sewer rat!" which demanded a chorus of "And your father smelled of elberberry!" Afterward I half-watched SGA, in which I was happy to see so much Teyla but not really gripped by the storyline, which I felt like I'd seen before -- Evil Aliens take over Atlantis, different team members work in different configurations to retake the city. Okay, so it was worth watching for John's cranky "I have crashed jumpers into the tower before!" while a panicked Rodney shouted that it was a suicide mission. ("How many suicide missions have I flown?" "I've lost count.") Oh, and Ronon would be so much better off with a kickboxer girlfriend than Keller, and since Rodney is obviously much more interested in John, they can write Keller off the series and give Teyla more to do than be Supermom!

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