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Poem for Friday

November Sunday Morning
By Alvin Feinman

And the light, a wakened heyday of air
Tuned low and clear and wide,
A radiance now that would emblaze
And veil the most golden horn
Or any entering of a sudden clearing
To a standing, astonished, revealed…

That the actual streets I loitered in
Lay lit like fields, or narrow channels
About to open to a burning river;
All brick and window vivid and calm
As though composed in a rigid water
No random traffic would dispel…

As now through the park, and across
The chill nailed colors of the roofs,
And on near trees stripped bare,
Corrected in the scant remaining leaf
To their severe essential elegance,
Light is the all-exacting good,

That dry, forever virile stream
That wipes each thing to what it is,
The whole, collage and stone, cleansed
To its proper pastoral…
I sit
And smoke, and linger out desire.


I spent a quiet Thanksgiving morning shifting my summer and winter clothes in my closet and putting together a giveaway pile from my stuff and Adam's overstuffed drawers. We had a small lunch -- soup and cheese crackers -- then Paul's parents arrived and we spent much of the afternoon looking at their trip photos and working on cropping those photos for their holiday letter. My sister Nicole's oldest daughter, Isabel, came over to play with her cousins; Sabrina, the middle daughter, was at the movies with my father, and the youngest, Molly, was helping (or perhaps that should be "helping") my mother cook. Dinner was delicious, and I had a nice time catching up with Nicole, so I have lots to be thankful for.

My kids and my sister's kids around the table this evening.

This is the stuffed turkey on the buffet table in the kitchen...

...and the centerpiece on the dining room table.

The kids played down the basement for much of the evening.

My mother got them a SpongeBob pinata...

...which Sabrina gleefully tore to shreds after all the candy was out.

Molly helped make this chocolate card for my parents.

And Paul made this cookie cake for the kids, as he does every year, while the adults had German chocolate cake.

The Cowboys won, boo, though I only saw about fifteen minutes of the game and fled from the room when the Jonas Brothers showed up at halftime. We had the Detroit game on while we were looking at photos earlier but I stopped paying attention once the Titans were up more than 20 points. And the Eagles were winning (guess getting benched woke McNabb up) when I was at my parents' but we didn't pay for the NFL Channel so I guess I won't be seeing the end of that game. Hope everyone who celebrated had a lovely day and everyone else had a peaceful one. The news here is too obsessed with Black Friday shopping to cover what's going on in India properly, but I'm thinking of people there.

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