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Poem for Tuesday

Ars Poetica
By Blaga Dimitrova
Translated by Ludmilla G. Popova-Wightman

Write each of your poems
as if it were your last.
In this century, saturated with strontium,
charged with terrorism,
flying with supersonic speed,
death comes with terrifying suddenness.
Send each of your words
like a last letter before execution,
a call carved on a prison wall.
You have no right to lie,
no right to play pretty little games.
You simply won't have time
to correct your mistakes.
Write each of your poems,
tersely, mercilessly,
with blood -- as if it were your last.


From last Sunday's Washington Post Book World Poet's Choice column by Edward Hirsch. I never made it to the book review section on Sunday so you're getting this late. The column is on the art of poetry as poetry -- ars poetica -- and talks about Horace, Wallace Stevens and Byron among others.

I don't really know where yesterday went. I did some work, wrote some drabbles, played with my son's birthday presents, had dinner with my parents, pretended to be paying attention to the Stanley Cup finals...nothing terribly exciting. Watched the rest of The Animatrix while folding laundry, appreciated the animation and enjoyed the haunted house story but overall the movies have much more of an impact on me both emotionally and intellectually.

In the course of trying to find out exactly what James Marsters said about possibly co-starring with Sean Bean, I stumbled into some very interesting debate about Buffy, the Buffy/Spike dynamic, whether it matters how an actor versus a writer speaks about his character and the like...this post in particular made some good points, particularly about how power gets defined in relationships and how problematic it is to start slapping the label "abuse" on them.

Speaking of which, I may as well do the fandom meme:

1. What was the very first fandom you got involved in?

Star Trek (at the time, the one and only original series). I went to my first convention in high school.

2. What is the most recent fandom to catch your interest?
I'm still on the all-Lord of the Rings, all the time channel. Fortunately the literary fandom and the actors are so diverse that it's been impossible to get bored, and when I get frustrated I just find a new corner to play in.

3. Fandom you've stayed loyal to the longest?
Star Trek. I have Captain Kirk action figures on display in my bedroom. 'nuff said.

4. Fandom(s) you're most passionate about?
I was at one time more passionate about Voyager than any other, but I don't think I would or could ever be that passionate about a media fandom again. These days I'm kind of a slut; if it's Wednesday, odds are I'm thinking about Smallville, and if it's Sunday, odds are I'm watching Sharpe while folding laundry.

5. Fandom(s) you wish you could get into, but can't?
I wish Buffy had held my attention better for longer just because there are a lot of really smart, neat people in the fandom. But I'm not sorry not to have written it or anything.

6. Fandoms you're curious about, but never had the chance to get into?
Anime. I'm fascinated by all the cultural issues reflected there but I'm a real dilettante.

7. Fandom that's been the most fun to be involved in?
At its best, Voyager fandom was amazing and I met some of the best friends of my life because of it. But I was also much too involved, and after having run a fan club it's a big relief just to be a casual LOTR fan and read a lot of fic and chat with people here.

8. Fandom that's been the least fun to be involved in?
Also Voyager. The waning days of KMAS before we made the decision to shut down the club were terrible and I never want to go through anything like that again.

9. Fandom you're ashamed to admit you were involved in?
I'd say RPS but that would require admitting that I've been involved in it. *g* Seriously, I don't think there are any I'm ashamed of.

10. Are you looking for a new fandom, or actively avoiding getting sucked into something new?
Just taking it as it comes. I'm quite happy with my current fandoms, insane excesses aside but every fandom I've ever seen has those, but I'm always happy to add new interests when time permits.

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