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Poem for Tuesday

Come Slowly, Eden!
By Emily Dickinson

Come slowly, Eden!
Lips unused to thee,
Bashful, sip thy jasmines,
As the fainting bee,

Reaching late his flower,
Round her chamber hums,
Counts his nectars--enters,
And is lost in balms!


I had a lovely day with dementordelta, who brought me holiday presents (including a bottle of sangria and a tree of life tote bag from the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire) and took me out to lunch with gblvr at Legal Seafood, where we had wonderful calamari and I had Mediterranean salmon. Then we watched Merlin episodes 3-5 ("The Mark of Nimueh" whose name I have been spelling wrong when I write about her on the show, "The Poisoned Chalice," and "Lancelot" -- the latter because when the preview came on we both decided that much hotness had to be watched even though it was getting late). I think I like the show even better on second viewing, which hasn't happened to me with any show in so long! Does anyone know when NBC plans to start running the show? I will very happily watch it again on a US network.

This is the large-scale train in the basement display at the Brunswick Railroad Museum.

Here the train circles behind the fire station, in front of the play station.

Here are the circus animals, let out of their train cars...

...and the carnival and ranch as the train passes.

The city of Brunswick as portrayed in the third floor HO scale layout.

The Potomac River and tunnel en route to the Catoctin-Lander station.

A model of the station at Point of Rocks -- the same station recreated in gingerbread at Gambrill House.

And closer to home for me, Germantown, before the Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target, Kohl's, Borders, etc.

Monday nights are just not the same without Boston Legal...I know it was on Tuesday for a long time before it was on Monday, but knowing that it is never coming back anywhere puts a damper on the evening nonetheless. I liked Sarah Connor better than the past few weeks, though yet again they killed off a really interesting character way too fast -- Dinah Lenney gave a wonderful performance as Eileen who used to be Abraham and I liked the refusal to ridicule people who have had experiences outside popular acceptance...considering that Brotherhood ridiculed Civil War reenactors last week though most of their characters are murderers and thugs, and even Pushing Daisies with its hugely dysfunctional characters took swipes at fat people involved in food competitions, it's a nice change. The cliffhanger in general, the ongoing Jesus Saves Robots Too storyline, and Riley's secret past didn't do as much for me, but hey, finally the women are getting equal time.

As for Heroes, something had better change in a big way when Chapter Four starts in February or I have no reason to keep watching the show. My favorite aspect of this week's fall finale is the return of the real Angela Petrelli, but it's very brief and then she has to be rescued by the younger members of her family. I haven't cared what happened to Sylar or Nathan since the first season, I no longer care what happens to Mohinder, Peter, or Daphne, and there's too little Hiro and Ando, and except for Claire the blondes are all as interchangeable to me as they seem to be to the writers.

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