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Poem for Thursday 
Thursday, 18th December 2008 12:04 am

Love Talk
By Nicanor Parra
Translated by Miller Williams

We've been here an hour
But you always come up with the same old answer
You want to drive me crazy with your jokes
But I know them by heart.
Don't you like my mouth? Don't you like my eyes?
-Of course I like your eyes
-Than why don't you kiss them?
-What makes you think I'm not going to kiss them?
-Why don't you like my thighs or my breasts?
-What do you mean, I don't like your breasts?
-Then why don't you show it?
Touch them while you have the chance.
-I don't like for you to make me do it.
-Then why did you make me undress?
-I didn't tell you to undress.
You did it yourself
Look, put your clothes on before your husband gets home
Stop talking and put your clothes on
Before your husband gets home.


With the exception of one relative, I finished my holiday shopping, mostly online, with everything guaranteed to arrive before Christmas and the end of Chanukah. Not a lot happened here otherwise; I talked to Adam's school orchestra teacher about possible violin teachers for him, finished sorting some stuff for recycling/giveaways, and worked on transferring some photos. Plus I got a phone call from A Paca Fun Farm, which we visited the weekend before last, telling me that I won their raffle and would be receiving a pair of alpaca wool socks, so that was a nice holiday bonus!


After dinner we all watched Pushing Daisies, which was hilarious -- rival Norwegian detectives led by Orlando Jones! Despite all the picking on Norwegians, the episode seemed a bit less mean-spirited than some of the past few, with hilarious dialogue, particularly from Emerson ("I won't do any ho-heaving") and some nice shifts in Ned's relationships with both Chuck and Olive. Though it's hard for me to stay engaged with the bigger arcs on the series because I know it only has a couple of episodes left! Woe!

Afterward we watched the eleventh episode of Merlin, "The Labyrinth of Gedref," which made me just as happy as "The Moment of Truth" in the end, though I'm sorry Morgana doesn't have a bigger role. The dialogue isn't as clever as it could be, and I don't understand why Uther has no concerns about magical creatures if he hates magic so much. Still, it's quite entertaining to watch Arthur have to do the Goblet of Fire labyrinth challenge. And aww, "Arthur was willing to sacrifice his life to save yours. He has proven what is truly in his heart." I so love this show, though I would like someone to tell me what Gedref is -- in all the Arthurian reading I've done in my life, I've never heard of it before.

Farewell, Sammy Baugh. The Redskins could use someone like you now. My Grandpa Herman would have been 98 on the 18th, so I am thinking of him, too.
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