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Poem for Saturday

Preludes for Prepared Piano 10: Madness in Great Ones
By Estill Pollock

None of the actors leaves the stage.
They sit in the background, unnoticed except
making noises to intensify the moment,
the fax rolling off a fine innovation.

Well, Mr Crazy, I suppose you think that's ok.

I know this girl, putting on black eyeliner,
sleeping in it, wearing it out.
Anyways, I talked to O for like four hours, I said to her,
grunge prince,
isn't that the guy who has liked you since forever?
I heard a lady ask if those lines were really in the play.

Even sick, he never missed a call.
Once, he got stiff joints, so he bought some Tiger Balm,
but he forgot about his hands and got it on his dick.
It burned like hell.
I asked him what was the matter, and he said,
I put Tiger Balm on my dick, and I said
for the character, right?

Wordless presence,
there's no chance something similar might happen to us.

There was no need for her to remarry.


After an eye doctor appointment in the morning that started much too early, required much too much waiting and lasted much too long (not to mention nearly three hours of nearsighted blindness), I had a nice Friday -- lunch with gblvr at the Rio Grande Cafe, then a bit of clothes shopping at Target (yay cotton skorts) and resisting toys we didn't need! By the time I got home, I could finally see straight, so I could write a review of "Galaxy's Child" -- not an episode I particularly like, though this Friday evening's TV viewing has changed my impressions for the better and I might be more positive if I was writing the review tonight!

Evening TV lineup was the same as last Friday: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica. It will not, however, be the same lineup next Friday. No spoilers necessary: this utter crap is what the great alleged feminist Joss Whedon is shoveling at us? And next week more of the same, with psycho fans tossed in the mix? Huzzah, I can go back to admitting that Firefly bored me when it didn't disgust me and confess that I could never stand Angel and, Buffy or no, I don't care if I never watch another moment of Whedon again! He even makes MooreRon look good by comparison, though that's not saying a heck of a lot -- raise your hand if you predicted precisely what would happen with Caprica's pregnancy. And don't we think Tori deserves something resembling backstory since they're determined to make her the Bitch of All Cylons?

Still, after watching Dollhouse, I was actually in the mood for BSG, where at least I know the very good reasons why everyone's a murderer, thief, whore, liar, or just plain batshit insane. Even so, both these shows make their lead-in look amazingly good. I know Fox moved Terminator to Fridays so it could die slowly, but it's really been very enjoyable this season, the acting's as good as any of the others, and as with BSG, atrocious behavior is mitigated if not excusable in that the fate of the world is at it's a lot less atrocious most of the time. I will miss Sarah Connor, the way I miss Journeyman and New Amsterdam now that I have this season's crap in their places.


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