The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday

In the Bathroom Mirror
By Ralph Burns

He continues to ponder
                And his wife moves next to him.
She looks. They look at themselves
                Looking through the fog.
She has a meeting she says in about
                Thirty minutes, he has
Something too. But still she has
                Just stepped out of the bath
And a single drop of water
                Has curved along her breast
Down her abdomen and vialed in
                Her navel then disappeared
In crimson. Unless they love
                Then wake in love
Who can they ever be? Their faces bloom,
                A rain mists down, the bare
Bulb softens above the glass,
                So little light that
The hands mumble deliciously,
                That the mouth opens
Mothlike, like petals finding
                Themselves awake again
At four o'clock mid shade and sun.


Off to a last-day-of-school breakfast and awards ceremony with my kids. Back in the afternoon. Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday! Fun from cara_chapel:

Which Edward Gorey Book Are

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You are the ever lovable and chubby
Winnie the Pooh!
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