The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
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Poem for Friday

Beast Brutality
By Mary Jo Bang

The caption read,
"He and she standing quietly next to a dog."

The prompt queen sat with her crown on,
The insets between each Gothic arch providing a measure

Of what can be
Done with architecture.

She said, "We built it long ago.
And then we knocked it down."

And then she looked away.
"And then we looked away."


I had a lovely afternoon of California Tortilla chicken soup and Merlin with cidercupcakes, who shares my affection for Morgana and agrees that there really should be more "Uther is Giles via time travel/past life" crossover fic involving Buffy and Morgana saving Camelot -- plus she is tolerant of my inability to keep from quoting Monty Python and the Holy Grail during "mere flesh wound" moments and other times when it is simply necessary.

A fisher cat on the Asia Trail at the National Zoo last fall.

A colorful squirrel in the Small Mammal House...

...and a curious lemur.

A lilac-breasted roller in the indoor flight room.

An alligator in an exhibit outside the reptile house.

One of the red pandas on the Asia Trail.

Blue-crowned hanging parrots doing what they do best from the ceiling in the bird house.

And this is Lucy, one of the goats in the zoo's farm.

We had dinner with my parents since they can't do it tomorrow, interrupted by retrieving Daniel from the first day of the district robotics competition, where he seemed to have had a great time even though their robot had some mechanical failures. Now we've just watched the second half of Oliver Twist -- I'd forgotten (or blocked out) just how antisemitic the story is, I haven't read it since college, and though this production was very well acted, I can't say I really enjoyed all the ugliness; I can't believe I've learned to appreciate glossy Austen vis a vis gritty Dickens.

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