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Poem for Saturday

Painting the Daisies with Larry
By Jonathan Williams

I'd love to be
his jockey shorts
on Friday night


I am delighted to report that my calendar and contacts have apparently remained synchronized the entire day, even when I tested them by making corrections and additions. This means that I got Adam to his orthodontist appointment on the correct day and at the correct time -- there was a man there arguing that his daughter's appointment must have been at two, not three, since that's what he wrote down, and I wanted to ask him whether he synced his calendar with Plaxo. There is now a bubble tea stand in the mall where the orthodontist has offices, which makes going there vastly more pleasant.

I also wrote a review of "The Nth Degree", which I don't love, though as usual, after watching Friday night television, it's looking better than it did on Thursday night. The best thing I saw this evening was Xena on DVD. Terminator wasn't bad -- I figured Jesse must have more backstory than we'd seen, though I wasn't all that confident they'd ever tell us since we only ever got bits of Riley's. BS-Gee's flashback sequences just sort of blew on by me -- NOW we get this? I have one wish for the finale, and that's that Lee not get killed. I figure anyone or everyone could be dead by the end, and if I get to pick one person from that universe who might maybe be allowed to survive, as much as I wish I could pin my hopes on Laura, I'm picking him.

thefridayfive: In anticipation of St. Patrick's Day...
1. Do you believe in good and/or bad luck?
Not in a cosmic sense. In terms of whether the tennis ball goes over the net or falls back, sure.
2. Do you believe there is one man/woman luckier than all the rest? I believe some people are born with certain advantages and make the most of them. Other people are born without advantages and make more of themselves than the ones born with advanrages.
3. When was the last time you considered yourself lucky? Whenever I look at my family I consider myself lucky.
4. What is the most unlucky thing to ever happen to you? I never knew my mother's father.
5. Where do you think luck (good or bad) comes from? To a large degree we make our own luck, though I think certain kinds of disadvantages (poverty, ill health) are particularly difficult to overcome and certain kinds of advantages (inheritance, unconditional love) make things much easier.

fannish5: Name the 5 best first kisses. "Best" being relative, I'm going with most anticipated.
1. Kira and Odo, Deep Space Nine
2. Winn and Dukat, Deep Space Nine
3. Mulder and Scully, The X-Files
4. Jack and Ianto, Torchwood
5. Rose and the Doctor, Doctor Who

Canada geese at Huntley Meadows in Virginia.

A chirping songbird -- anyone know what species?

A spotted turtle. Sorry about the glare -- there's no polarizing filter on the little Nikon.

Red-wing blackbirds in the cattails.

A female mallard lurking in the wetlands.

Very recent evidence of beaver activity.

In the water, a crayfish tail pokes out from under fallen leaves.

And a fish that was probably hibernating days earlier, when it snowed, has a look around.

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