The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Sunday

( Poet's Choice: Aztec Chants )

You live on this earth?
No, not forever
Only a short time.
Be jade. Jade breaks.
Be gold. Gold tears away.
The broad plumes of the quetzal unravel.

By the poet and ruler Nezahualcóyotl, translated by by Peter Everwine, from Edward Hirsch's column in The Washington Post today.

GMR (celebrating the Summer Solstice this week with Emma Bull) gave me an EIWA for my Equilibrium review! Guess it was worth worrying that I was taking the film too seriously. ashinae, przed and nobuwa, I am sure you are responsible, so thanks.

Agenda for today: get the kids the haircuts and shoes we never got around to getting yesterday, since we went to my parents' instead. Get work done for Trek Nation since editor is suffering from a major academic crisis and can't pick up my slack. Figure out how in hell to pack a month's worth of clothing in a suitcase that holds maybe a five days' worth. Get son extra underwear -- lots of it.

Frank Rich on the Tony Awards and gay kissing, just because it made me smile. So did the scathing Times review of the new, unimproved Liz Phair. She and Jewel need to stop blaming Britney and Avril for how they need to sell their message and just stop selling OUT.

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