The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday

Leconte High-Top
By Jonathan Williams

under the rondelay
the sun

into the wind and rain a
winter wren

again, again --

its song
needling the pines


After getting up early with Adam to get our penguins campgrounds and gyms (SPP was sold out of the purple bears already but two kind souls gave us each one), I spent a lovely morning and early afternoon with cidercupcakes watching the season finale of Merlin and a bunch of Arrested Development episodes. We went out and got California Tortilla and she brought me some of her awesome peach cupcakes, too, and afternoons really do not get any better than eating buttercream while Lucille Bluth is going "Downtown" to attempt to persuade an army officer to kick her son out of the Army.

In the late afternoon I was going to run out and do some shopping while my mother took Adam to look at suits -- Daniel stayed late for robotics -- but Adam came home with a lot of homework and then there was a huge thunderstorm, so we stayed in. It was my father's birthday, so my parents came over for dinner and apaulled made crabmeat stuffed shells and strawberry shortcake. After my parents left, we watched "Ensign Ro," which I had remembered as being good, but on studying for review, it's really terrific. So not a lot was accomplished (the laundry is still not folded) but it was pretty good for a stormy Thursday.

A sawtooth shark at the National Aquarium last weekend.

A tortoise in the Amazon rainforest habitat.

The large central ray tank (with shark enclosure to the rear) is home not only to rays, skates, and big fish... well as this sea turtle, which has lost a fin and cannot survive in the wild.

The circular tank that holds the big sharks has a coral reef in its upper levels.

These birds live in the Australia habitat, but I couldn't find a sign identifying them -- anyone know what they are?

This is an Australian freshwater crocodile.

And this is one of the jellyfish in the new special exhibit.

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