The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Saturday

By Meghan O'Rourke

The light of the mind is red. It is a red street,
it never ends, it must be kept to
like a schedule. When it is fine, it is fine,

and the night's hounds flinch from it.
Foxes run under dark cover of leaves;
the glacier, trapping everything unused, melts.

Everything natural to us must be learned.
The broken laugh, the branching glance,
the wood beneath the green, embarking skin.

The light of the mind is red. It is a red street,
and a cold home stands at its darkening end,
toward which foxes run through clicking leaves.


Most of my day was made of fail. I was supposed to have lunch with gblvr, but the weather was sucky and I was running late and after seeing the second flash flood warning from the county in an hour, I told her it was probably wiser for her not to shlep down here. Adam had an orthodontist appointment, so I was supposed to take my Borders coupon and bank card so I could buy a book, but I forgot both. Because of the storms, the power was out to the traffic lights all along the street I needed to take to the mall where the orthodontist has offices, so it took a long time to get there. At least I had enough cash for bubble tea and I remembered to get gas.

The minute I got home, Daniel called to announce that he needed to be picked up so he didn't have to walk in the rain (even though I later learned from my mother that she had already called to tell him she was two minutes away and could give him a ride, but he announced that I was going to come for him). I went back out to get him, came home and wrote a review of Next Gen's "Silicon Avatar", called my mother to ask how my father's head cold was and ended up deciding we probably should not have dinner with them because the very last thing anyone in my family needs is to be sick at the Bar Mitzvah next weekend. My sister's kids all have some miserable flu which hopefully they will be over by then!

Inside Cole Field House, longtime home of legendary Terrapins basketball teams.

Pet rocks designed by visitors to the geology department.

A grasshopper on Adam's hand in the insect petting zoo at the entomology department.

Kids got to pet a tarantula there as well.

The international welcome center in front of Hornbake Library.

Food and activity tents lining the center of campus.

There were also games on the college green in front of the administration buildings.

The floral "M" in the traffic circle approaching the administration buildings from Route 1...

...and the Stamp Student Union, which houses the bookstore, a food court, and most student activity centers.

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