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Poem for Saturday

Unfinished Poem
By Shirley Kaufman

We live on a holy mountain
where the crows and the Crown Plaza
rise higher than our expectations
and the golden dome is only
a restored reflection
of the absolute.
All night the bodies of prophets
break out of the clouds
calling, "Doom, doom."
Like the carp we bring home
from the market, our lives
are wrapped up in newsprint.
My friend says she'd like to
cut off her head and let all
the Jewish history run out.
We lift weights together
twice a week to increase
our bone density.


Just a quickie since we didn't have dinner till after 9 p.m. and I'm not done with candlelighting notes (we are not doing stupid little poems and songs for each person, they will just have to deal). Had a chaotic day, as expected -- picked up Daniel after his Spanish final, dad dropped by to visit with his brother and brother's son, in-laws arrived for quick 4 p.m. dinner. Then we went down to the temple for what turned out to be a really nice evening service -- it was supposed to be Shabbat Under the Stars, but due to muddy conditions was moved into the small chapel, yet remained casual with lots of music and a terrific informal sermon about making the everyday holy.

Adam and the weekend's other B'nai Mitzvah receiving kiddush cups at the service.

As you can see, the rabbi and music school teacher were dressed informally, and the men took their ties off. The rabbi talked about Dr. Tiller and the importance of his work with women, as well as about the tragedy at the Holocaust Museum, without ever saying the words "abortion," "shooting," or "Holocaust" for an audience with many children.

The service was planned to be held in back of the synagogue near Rock Creek Park, but heat and mud -- and I suspect lingering security concerns -- took us into the air conditioning. Plants were brought in to try to bring the outdoors in, and the windows give a lovely view of the park out back.

Here is Paul with our sons and our fathers.

This is what our placecards will look like with the pewter penguin card holders.

There will be large inflatable and stuffed penguins as decorations on the restaurant's deep shelves.

Here is the sign board gblvr saved my life and put together for me!

The souvenirs will include little puzzles and keychains... well as monogrammed squishy penguins.

Speaking of penguins, clearly Pittsburgh knew what Adam wanted for his Bar Mitzvah as they delivered his gift a night early. Congratulations to the Penguins on winning the Stanley Cup!

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