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Poem for Tuesday

Hubris at Zunzal
By Rodney Jones

Nearly sunset, and time on the water
of 1984. Language its tracer.
No image like the image of language.

I had waded out about thigh deep.
Then a shout from the beach.
I held in my hand half a coconut shell

of coconut milk and 150-proof rum
and dumped it white into the waves
when it came on me how sweet it had been,

then the idea I was not finished,
then the act of reaching down
with the idea I would get it back.


From this week's New Yorker.

Monday was my kids' last day of school for the year, and the last day Adam's middle school, which was also my junior high, would exist in its current form, since the building is being cleared out and torn down. He had a half-day that consisted mostly of playing games and watching people write graffiti on walls that will soon fall to the wrecking ball, whereas Daniel had the county-wide English final exam, so after retrieving Adam and his best friend, I went with them to pick up Daniel. They were all ravenous, so I took them to Cici's Pizza. Then I had to stop at the post office to send penguins to various people, so I went to the one in the mall in case anyone wanted to stop at GameStop (them) or Bath & Body Works (me).

In the afternoon, the kids went to the pool, and I made a feeble attempt to catch up on correspondence -- journal comments are still hopeless -- and read (courtesy starfishchick) about the baby penguins in Chicago, which along with the Harry Potter exhibition may be sufficient temptation to travel to my onetime home in Hyde Park and visit with people. I had to fold a week's worth of laundry in the evening, so we put on the director's cut of Armageddon, which mostly added special effects though there was one lovely scene with Harry's father. I don't remember whether the shot of the meteor slamming into the Twin Towers was in the film when it was released but I understand why it was cut from my video edition. This is probably my favorite popcorn sci-fi flick ever, since I don't count Star Trek IV as popcorn.

Adam and his friends at the candlelighting ceremony.

The older kids devoured the fondue...

...though some of the younger kids were dubious about having to cook their own.

The card tables seemed to be a hit with everyone, however.

They had gone over well at older son's Bar Mitzvah, so we figured they were a good bet. Heh.

Here we are with my sister's daughters at the candlelighting. All these photos were taken by my mom, by the way; I was running around to much to think to take any snapshots, I'm waiting for the official photos.

After the reception, we went to my parents' house so the kids could see their out of town relatives.

And the kids ended up playing more blackjack!

Very late thefridayfive: School Days, School Days
1. What was your favorite class/subject in school?
English, unless I had a serious crush on a teacher of some other subject.
2. Who was your favorite teacher? Elementary school: Mrs. Reese. Junior high: Ms. Cartagena. High school: Mr. Cormeny. College: Dr. Quilligan. Grad school: Dr. Wyatt.
3. Why was your favorite teacher your favorite? Enthusiasm, passion, personal attention to students.
4. What would you have liked to major in in college? Or what will you major in if you go to college? On many days I'm sorry I didn't double major in history.
5. Would you rather go to a small, medium, or large college, if you had the money to go to any of the three? I went to UPenn, which I guess is medium, and I'd go there again at 17 without a second thought even if Harvard and Yale offered me admission. Right now, though, I'd take Oxford. *g*

Very late fannish5: Name 5 character deaths that surprised or shocked you.
I know that Henry Blake in M*A*S*H is going to be number one for a lot of people, but I saw it in reruns -- I was too young for the original -- so I knew what was coming.
1. Dusty Farlow, Dallas. It was my first soap opera and I had no idea he would come back.
2. Spock, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Similar excuse -- I was in high school, disconnected from organized fandom, and though I had heard rumors, I didn't think they'd actually do it.
3. Joyce Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Of course I'd known Buffy's mom could die, but when she actually did, it was devastating.
4. Simon Donovan, The West Wing. Trying to stop a robbery rather than saving C.J. and it was devastating.
5. Terri Bauer, 24. Part of a first season finale so misogynistic that I quit the show altogether two or three episodes into the second season and never went back.

I'm still playing catch-up on the Iranian elections and Obama's health care proposals. At least the days are long at this time of year.

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