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Poem for Tuesday

As Fish
By April Bernard

They play us as fish are played,
nameless they tug on the line.
One who has it in for me yanks my mouth
against my wishes. She once fed me
air that tasted like violets
melting and since I have been ravenous,
snapping at the least hint of sustenance.
If I knew her name I could offer at her shrine
a candle, a scrying, a fish fry,
to beg for mercy, but my offense
was too great for such gestures
as I can manage.


I dropped my kids off with my parents and spent a lovely Monday with dementordelta being girly. We went to Lebanese Taverna to pick up lunch, then came home and watched the pilot of a certain television series starring Paul Gross that...oh, fine, we're watching Due South -- the pilot and first three episodes so far. I am utterly loving Ray V, so please don't start telling me how much better I will like Ray K, if you are one of those people so inclined, and please don't tell me why I should skip all the Ray K episodes either, since such discussions are why I avoided the series until Slings & Arrows made it obvious I need to see everything Paul Gross has ever done in his life. Even The Witches of Eastwick when it's on this fall, though I despise the book with a fiery passion and I hate the movie despite its having three actresses I adore.

In addition to food and Paul Gross, we went to the mall to the cheap glittery jewelry store to buy necklaces and earrings with seahorses and snakes -- everything there is like $8.99, so you can get a few -- and then stopped in Build-a-Bear because dementordelta had discovered that you can stuff owls, then buy Harry Potter glasses and wizard robes for them. (I didn't get one; in addition to having spent too much money on a glittery turtle necklace, I figured that Adam would owl-nap it as soon as he got home.) They are very cute, however, and you can get sound boxes that make them hoot. Then we came back here and watched more Due South until she had to go home.


I have an internet question and an offer. The question is, does anyone know whether there is a way to have some pages from one's web site removed from the Wayback Machine at without having to block the entire site using robots.txt? I recently learned, while researching whether my Geocities sites had been archived -- everything has been moved from them and updated years ago -- that the original version of my personal web site archived there has material that I really don't want on the internet connected to my real name, but I am happy to have my reviews and the rest left as they are. The offer is, I have a bunch of Dreamwidth codes; does anyone still need one? Send me a message here or e-mail me, if so.

Happy Bastille Day, for those celebrating. And the obvious, and the even more obvious.
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