The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Thursday

The Evening Is Tranquil, and Dawn Is a Thousand Miles Away
By Charles Wright

The mares go down for their evening feed
                                                      into the meadow grass.
Two pine trees sway the invisible wind—
                                                 some sway, some don’t sway.
The heart of the world lies open, leached and ticking with sunlight
For just a minute or so.
The mares have their heads on the ground,
                                  the trees have their heads on the blue sky.
Two ravens circle and twist.
         On the borders of Heaven the river flows clear a bit longer.


I don't have a heck of a lot to report -- Daniel did health homework and went to the pool, Adam added apps to his new Facebook page and went to the pool, I finished the laundries from yesterday and spent even more hours moving everything from the old 250G hard drive to the new 1T hard drive...even the iTunes playlists have been restored, so although this has taken a ridiculous amount of time, I am happy. And I got to see the Alice in Wonderland preview, which despite a dearth of Alan Rickman still makes me happy. Plus we got the anniversary edition of Eight Men Out in the mail courtesy a freebie deal from Kellogg's, so I have that to look forward to.


I know I should have something meaningful to say about health care or Sotomayor or the fact that Pushing Daisies season two came out on DVD yesterday (I don't have it yet since Deep Discount DVD is having a 25% off sale so I ordered it from them). But my brain seems to have rotted -- tomorrow I must do the Washington Post Sudoku earlier in the day than I did today. dementordelta has just reminded me to wish Dan Radcliffe a happy birthday, so Happy Birthday, Daniel Radcliffe, whom I sincerely hope has never read any of my journals!

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