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Poem for Saturday

Master of Disguises
By Charles Simic

Surely he walks among us unrecognized:
Some barber, store clerk, delivery man,
Pharmacist, hairdresser, bodybuilder,
Exotic dancer, gem cutter, dog walker,
The blind beggar singing, Oh Lord, remember me,

Some window decorator starting a fake fire
In a fake fireplace while mother and father watch
From the couch with their frozen smiles
As the street empties and the time comes
For the undertaker and the last waiter to head home.

O homeless old man, standing in a doorway
With your face half hidden,
I wouldn't even rule out the black cat crossing the street,
The bare light bulb swinging on a wire
In a subway tunnel as the train comes to a stop.


I had a domestic Friday that involved packing up and rearranging a bunch of stuff in my bedroom -- for the first time since I got them, my Star Trek Mego action figures are in a box, but I no longer have a stack of books and Tarot decks on the floor -- plus catching up on a bunch of correspondence, including a note from a good friend from high school whom I lost touch with about 15 years ago and who is now on Facebook. I didn't finish my Next Gen review because TrekToday was down for quite a while -- that will be posted tomorrow, hopefully. We had dinner with my parents and contemplated changing our beach plans to coincide with theirs.

An award-winning chicken at the Baltimore County 4-H Fair last weekend.

The event was held at the Maryland State Fairground in Timonium.

The last time we were in this building, there were train displays where the cows are.

The goats were not much in the mood for posing for photos, preferring to eat...

...and the alpacas were a bit nervous about having strangers around.

The freshly shorn sheep, however, were resigned to their fate, perhaps because they could hear the woeful bleating of the sheep being shorn just outside.

I'm not sure whether this big fuzzy one ever faced the shears.

And in addition to the barnyard animals, there were rabbits and cats, too.

thefridayfive: Writing Five
1. Do you like your handwriting?
Not particularly -- I'm very careless about it.
2. Do you prefer to print or write in cursive? Print, though there tends to be a bit of cursive when I do.
3. Do you think handwriting should be graded in school? In this era of word processors? Absolutely not.
4. Do you prefer writing in pencil or pen? Pencil for Sudoku or crosswords, pen for everything else.
5. When you write in ink, do you prefer a neutral color such as black or blue, or a fun color like purple or green? Bright colors if I'm writing creatively; neutral colors if I'm trying to stay focused on something.

fannish5: Name the five best uses of flashback/non-linear storytelling.
1. Ulysses
, the novel by James Joyce.
2. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, the play by Tom Stoppard.
3. Merrily We Roll Along, the musical by Stephen Sondheim.
4. Pushing Daisies, the television series by Bryan Fuller.
5. Memento and The Prestige, movies by Christopher Nolan.

Saturday we are going with my in-laws in Pennsylvania to the Hanover Dutch Festival -- crafts and food, yay!

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